Lagos, Nigeria

May 30, 2018 - Jun 20, 2018

Featuring 6 large works on canvas, the exhibition continues Olatunji's exploration of the practice of tribal facial markings in contemporary Nigeria. Executed in oil pastel and acrylic, this new and incredibly detailed work is a departure from his original and familiar medium of charcoal & pastel.

Continuing with his extensive research into the age-old practice of facial scarifications, and interactions/discussions with carriers of these marks, all the works are still completely illusory creations. While the subjects in the series may not exist in reality, the layers of context behind their creation and the technical proficiency in their execution bestows on the works a high degree of implied photo realism.

For Olatunji "the rendering process starts with the creative imaginings of the subject, considering personality, character, skin-type and even factoring in medical history in some cases. It involves fashioning a story around them and then drawing desired morphological characteristics from an exhaustive study of faces - to produce unique portraits".